Halon System

 Fire prevention systems of fire sprinkler systems can vary depending on the building being served or areas being protectec. Afire sprinkler system is a way to protect life, properties and other items inside a building. National Codes in the construction industryrequires them on different buildings depending on their use, size and capacity. There are plenty of alternatives of fire prevention systems and every method used should be consulted with the design engineer including the procedures on how to install them.

Hydrant System

Either manually or automatically hydrants are located at a different point along a route. For a manual operation, a pump must be started after opening the valve to release the water. On the automatical system, the pump will start when the water valve is opened manually. This system is the regular one used in most buildings and can be used for several facilities nationwide due to its economic feasibility and ease of installation.

Waterspray System

There are several ways that we can group these systems:

  • Multifire system
  • Protectospray system

The first one is designed to discharge coarse water spray with high velocity. There is such velocity that the water can reach the bottom of the flame and start extinguishing the fire. The second one is a fine water spray discharged at low velocity. This system allows cooling the burning surface acting slowly and then creating an inert vapor that will also help reducing the fire.

What system you will use? There are many factors that you must analyze before making a selection, but remember to have it installed and have it functional at every moment, you never know when you are going to need it.

Fire Prevention Information

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